5 Iconic Rock Bands Currently Touring Without Their Original Frontman

3. Styx

In 1961 the three founding members of Styx began playing music together as pre teens under the name The Tradewinds. After re-branding to Styx and adding a fourth member the Chicago natives embarked on a 14 year path to success. This culminated in their peak popularity during the mid to late 70s.

The problem with hitting your peak is having to deal with the question of where to go from there. This is worsened when the band members have very different answers. The band's frontman, Dennis Deyoung preferred a softer direction while guitarist Tommy Shaw was leaning toward harder material.

Styx would break up in the early 80s with each member pursuing various side projects. Their reformation in the 90s was threatened by an illness to the band's frontman. The comeback tour was saved by the decision to replace Deyoung with their current lead vocalist Lawrence Gowan. The founding frontman has voiced his desire to return but Tommy Shaw is on record saying a return for Deyoung would never happen.

Styx are currently on a North American mega tour and with dates recently announced for 2020 the near 40 year old band shows no signs of slowing down.

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