5 Reasons Why You Should Be Listening To Fever 333

4. These Guys Have Been About

I know what you're thinking, "One of the most energetic bands ever?" I know, big claim - particularly if anyone has ever witnessed The Chariot or Letlive live.

Well, funny story - Fever 333 is both those bands reincarnated, with a little bit of Night Verses thrown in.

Jason Butler is no stranger to danger when it comes to the stage. The former Letlive frontman suffers from ADHD, and it seems like the stage is Butler's one true escape and outlet for all that pent up energy. Now, though, you could equally see the half Scottish singer jumping off a scaffold as you could holding a baby and serenading them during one of their sets.

Stevis, meanwhile, is best known for his time in The Chariot, but has also played bass for Bring Me The Horizon. In Fever 333, though, the guitarist brings that very same energy, and often also joins the crowd for a close-up experience.

Last but not least, Aric's input cannot be underestimated. The Night Verses drummer is demonic in keeping the rhythm, and is prone to treating the audience to somersaults mid-show!

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