8 Albums You'll Never Forget Listening To For The First Time

Sometimes good, sometimes bad... but always fascinating.

Sometimes it's difficult to appreciate just how much brilliant music is being made these days. From rock to hip-hop to pop and beyond, so many genres are thriving with diverse, interesting material being released at an incredible rate. Thanks to the internet, unique musicians are popping up all over the place, gaining popularity they probably never would have otherwise. The ability to share music and connect with fans all over the world has solidified niche genres and made small, passionate fan bases much more sustainable. But just because a certain album is good doesn't make it memorable or interesting. There's a lot of great €“ yet largely unremarkable €“ music being made on a daily basis, the kind of thing that's pleasant to listen to but offers not much more. Which makes the instance of finding an album that's totally individual all the more special. These are albums that stick with you long after you've listened to them for the first time €“ whether for good reasons or bad. With all that said, here are eight fascinating examples.
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David Bowie
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