Ten Awesome Movie Star Cameos in Pop Videos

Rumour has it that actors all want to be rock stars, the same way that musicians seek the "next level" of their career by turning their hand to acting. Whether that's strictly true or not is a matter for debate, but what is certain is that the two trends have often combined to make both cinematic music videos (just ask 30 Seconds to Mars), but also to offer the magical sight of some of the world's greatest acting talents (I'm not saying that's true of everyone down below) getting their glam on in those videos.

So here we have it, a break-down of the finest cameos by bona-fide movie stars in music videos. Get them on your iPod: not only do you get the genius of the music, you also get the treat of seeing those actors mostly make a fool of themselves. Seriously, some of these actors should really have known better...

10. Paxton€™s a Nazi?

Culprit€™s: Bill Paxton and Judge Reinhold Pat Benatar- Shadows of the Night (1984) Delicious 80s nonsense from the queen of the narrative pop video. €œShadows of the Night€ was one of the worst songs of the decade, but it had a genius, ludicrous video that you can€™t fail to love. Surely no-one would believe loveable Judge Reinhold as a hard-case Dirty Dozen style airman, or Weird Science€™s pile of shit Bill Paxton as a Nazi officer? But then, let€™s be honest, this isn€™t the most realistic video of all time- the fact that those aeroplanes weren€™t discovered with what amounts to a sheet covering them is laughable! http://youtu.be/ZInRE-KryGA

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