Ten Awesome Movie Star Cameos in Pop Videos

9. Cox in Audience Plant Shocker

Culprit: Courtney Cox Bruce Springsteen- Dancing in the Dark (1984) Of course she wasn€™t a plant! It was just one of those pleasant coincidences that Courtney Cox happened to be at the front of a Springsteen concert on the exact night that The Boss decided to grab a member of the audience to girate on stage with him. If this wasn€™t a work of fiction, the ugly factor of the chosen fan would surely have vastly larger, and there would have been at least a small hint of mullet. But no, it is a youthful Cox who gets up to do that limping I€™ve-just-stood-on-some-Lego dance that Springsteen seems so fond of. She does look like a boy though.

8. Robin Williams Acts The Fool (Again)

Culprit: Robin Williams Bobby McFerrin- Don€™t Worry Be Happy (1988) Ah, Robin Williams - a man who inspires equal affection and disdain in equal measure, and who has the sort of body hair that would surely have made him an early candidate to play Beast in X-Men: The Last Stand if there was any justice in the world. Here he is moustachioed, gooning around like there€™s no tomorrow and throwing the kind of shapes only a middle-aged man in a Hawaiian shirt (with no irony, I fear) could be proud of. By the other way, that other fella in the top hat and tails is comedian Bill Irwin whose face you might recognise from CSI, or The Grinch.

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