Can You Beat This Quiz On 90's Rock And Metal?

Prove your knowledge on grunge, metal, post-punk and more!


Time to feel old; 1990 was 30 years ago and everyone born in the 90's is now at least 20-years-old. But, the fact we still talk about and praise the pioneers of this decade so frequently shows just how lasting their influence has been. The 90's were in many ways, a turning point for not just rock, but music as a whole. So many new names, attitudes and sub-genres worked their way to the forefront of music that it completely reshaped the landscape.

Focusing specifically on rock music, notable movements included the early foundation records that created nu metal and of course, the phenomenon of grunge rock. Even today, Nirvana are still the most played rock band on mainstream rock radio which goes to show the immense influence they, and several other household 90's names still have over music.

In this quiz, you will be tested to the limit when it comes to albums, bands, debut and dates. Good luck!

1. 'Bullet With Butterfly Wings' And '1979' Were Both Hits For Which 90's Band?

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