Eminem: 5 Awesome Songs And 5 That Sucked

Though usually awesome, Eminem's been known to drop the occasional clanger or two...

Eminem needs no introduction. Arguably one of the most iconic MC's of the 21st €“ century and with his 8 albums (11 if you count his D12 releases and collaboration with Royce Da 5'9") he has solidified his spot as a living legend and praised for his contributions to not just hip-hop but music as a whole too. Like any artist though, for every ten or so songs executed to perfection he provides one embarrassing dud reminiscent of those drunk texts you shamefully look over the following morning mid-hangover. As a bit of a disclaimer, you'll notice that Lose Yourself is not on the Awesome Song list primarily because I wanted to allow the spotlight for a couple of his non-radio singles. So with that, why not take a journey into 5 awesome songs by the one and only Slim Shady and 5 songs that, for lack of a better term, sucked.

5 Awesome Songs

5. Guilty Conscience (The Slim Shady LP, 1999)

Upon his initial first single, "My Name Is" a lot of people weren't necessarily convinced of Marshall's rapping abilities. Not because the song itself was bad in any way it's just audiences were still getting over Vanilla Ice and not really open to another white MC at the time. But his follow-up single "Guilty Conscience" would do a much better job at turning peoples' opinions and perceptions of him. The song itself is awesome not just because of its lyrical content and production, but because it provided a unique and engaging story/concept of multiple characters struggling with their conscious. Add the fact that Dr. Dre plays the "good side" and Eminem plays the "evil side" you're presented with a sort of what-the-f*ck dichotomy of morals. The only thing closest to this at the time was "Damien" by DMX but Eminem and Dre took it to the next-next level and turned Eminem from a novelty MC to a serious threat to the game.
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