Kanye West: 10 Best Songs You Haven't Heard

10. Family Business

Way back to The College Dropout, soulful Kanye brought us one of the most sincere rap songs of all time.

The song opens with a conversation that is about Kanye's struggles in childhood, being too short for the basketball team.

'Family Business' paints a picture of family life being hard, but worthwhile for the unity and safety it can bring. The lyrics tell mini-stories of family disputes and grievances that all families go through. Topics vary from the serious to the humorous, like visiting his cousin in jail, to having to take baths with his cousins. The lyric that summarises the song best is 'I can't deny it, I'm a straight rider but when we get together be electric slidin'.

Going from a Tupac reference to an electric boogie reference is The College Dropout in a nutshell.

The song is credited as a source of inspiration for Chance the Rapper. He even covered the song with 'family matters', with an original verse over the timeless beat.

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