LGBTQ+ Band Members For Pride Month

Celebrate Pride with great tunes and LGBTQ+ representation.

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First of all happy Pride to everyone reading this, with Pride Month sadly coming to a close it's as good a time as any to look at the band members throughout the years that have showed their legions of fans it's okay to be whoever they are.

Something to remember is that sexuality is a deeply personal part of someones life and just because that someone is a celebrity that doesn't give anyone the right to demand to know how they identify, tell them what they are or out them. In saying that this list is compromised of people who have openly spoken about and confirmed their sexuality in their own words.

It can be hard for anyone to come out, let alone people who have had to do it in the public eye, but thanks to these artists and so many others like them who are proud of who they are it gives fans the courage to live their lives freely and for that they deserve some thanks.

If you've come to this list to find someone to relate to or are struggling with your own sexual identity remember it's okay to be whoever you are and to love whoever you love and that (as this list will hopefully show you) you are never alone.

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