Marvel Cinematic Universe: Soundtrack Scores Ranked From Worst To Best

Here are the themes of your favourite Marvel hereoes, scored from worst to best.

Marvel Studios

Beginning in 2008 with Iron Man, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen many composers join its ranks along the way. While this has led to an issue with the tone of the music throughout the series, it has also delivered many different styles and themes which all have merit in their own way.

The series did have rocky beginnings though. Film music critics were not kind to the MCU's freshman efforts and, though some of the later films would also slip a little, it is clear that along the way, Marvel producers listened to what was being said.

The MCU, for the most part, does not have any sort of house style, which led to some of the continuity errors. Film series like Iron Man and Thor have each seen different composers for each entry, leading to different themes along the way. However, this hasn't always produced negative results. In some cases, it has allowed the later composers to develop on what has come before.

While the grandest themes tend to come from the bigger team up films, some of the more memorable ones have come from the various stand alone entries. When given free reign, the different composers have offered starkly differing styles. This, in a way, perfectly sums up the characters of the MCU. They may (mostly) be fighting on the same side, but there is one serious melting pot of personalities in there.

Starting at the bottom, here we go...

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