Paramore: Every Album Ranked Worst To Best

3. Paramore

Following the departure of the Farro brothers in late 2010, the future of Paramore as a band was uncertain. With two of the founding members gone and Hayley Williams making multiple guest vocal appearances on other bands’ tracks, many people thought that Paramore could well be finished.

But then, in 2013, Paramore returned as a three-piece as Hayley, Jeremy Davis and Taylor York released a defiant 17-track album to prove that they were not done yet.

The self-titled album served as a re-introduction to Paramore as they began the next chapter of the band’s existence. A slight departure from the band’s roots, ‘Paramore’ saw the band experiment with a more new wave sound and take influence from everything from funk to pure bubble-gum pop on tracks like ‘Still Into You’.

Although the tracks were arguably more varied in sound than the likes of ‘Riot!’, the seventeen-song album felt more professional and was held together by short ukulele-infused interludes that helped create an easier listening experience.

This was a more mature Paramore that returned with a vengeance to silence any critics and show that they were here to stay.

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