Ranking All 9 Eminem Studio Albums From Worst To Best

8. Relapse

Bouncing back from a four-year hiatus due to writer's block and his prescription drug addiction, this album was a very welcome return to music, however, as Eminem has stated, this album almost serves as the rapper learning to walk again, trying to get back in to the rap game and experimenting a lot with his material. It's not a bullseye like much of his other material, but it was a step in the right direction towards the renaissance of his career.

There is a great mixture of tones on show, but it means that the album as a whole feels pretty disjointed and unconnected. There are highlights, such as the celebrity-skewering "We Made You" and the incredibly moving "Beautiful", which seems equal parts self-deprecating and self-adoring. Also notable is the horrorcore style "3 a.m." which steps perfectly back into the Slim Shady alter ego, giving fans the much-desired return of his evil persona.

As with all of Eminem's albums, this album is an insight in to the performers mind at the time of recording, which unfortunately means 'Relapse' is a bit scatter-brained and unfocused, but fortunately means Eminem was back with a vengeance and ready to set the rap world ablaze once again, albeit, we would have to wait until his next record for it to feel like Eminem was back to his best.

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