Ranking All 9 Eminem Studio Albums From Worst To Best

7. Encore

Eminem's fifth album and the closing of the first chapter of his career has a few incredible stand-out songs but also suffers from having a few low points. Notable successful tracks include the parodic efforts of "Just Lose It" and "Ass Like That" indulging in Eminem's Slim Shady persona, allowing him to retort his familiar favoured themes of sex and violence.

However, it's in tracks such as "Like Toy Soldiers" and "Mockingbird" where some incredible and thought-provoking rhymes take the album to its best. The self-reflexive and hands-up honesty in these songs brings a deepness to the material that Eminem has always been great out, but can oft times neglect in favour of more comedically inclined songs. The admittance of his humanity juxtaposes the mockery of fame in this album exceptionally.

Although, despite these stand-outs, this album, like 'Relapse', suffers from Eminem's overall frame of mind at the time of recording, with Encore being recorded at his lowest point, in the depths of his addiction and on the verge of the hiatus that would keep him away from making new music for years, and this album is unfortunately evident of this troublesome time in Mather's life.

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