Ranking Every Paramore Album From Worst To Best

4. All We Know Is Falling

The debut album from the female-fronted punk-rock outfit was made quickly, in three weeks, and has a very raw feel to it, but that doesn't mean it isn't full of bangers. This album is a great introduction to the band and is filled with forgotten gems, mainly due to the fact that their second album, RIOT!, was their breakthrough hit. Bassist Jeremy Davis left the band early on in the recording of this record and this resulted in his departure being the main focal point of the lyrics.

Three singles were used to promote this record, 'Pressure', 'All We Know', and sleeper hit 'Emergency', which was well played on rock radio stations, introducing the world to one of the best bands to come out of the mid-00s Emo and Scene kid culture.

The ten-year anniversary edition included two tracks that fans love, 'Oh Star' written by Hayley Williams with Taylor York, and 'This Circle'. The last three tracks on the album are possibly some of the best the team of Williams and Josh Farro wrote during this time period. 'Conspiracy' was also co-written with Taylor York and leads nicely into 'Franklin', an ode to the band's hometown. The final track on the record is 'This Heart', which is a beautiful ballad that hints at real maturity and the songwriting team of Farro and Williams's ability to create well-crafted slow songs as well as loud thrashing anthems.

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