The Doors Top 10 Tracks Of All Time

4. Touch Me On The Record Released nine months before The Soft Parade hit shelves in July 1969, 'Touch Me' captures the band in glittering pop mode. Like much of the album that it would feature on, this single is enlivened by string and brass production (something that drew much criticism at the time, as it marked a departure from the band's usual sound) and was once again penned by Krieger. While Krieger had envisaged this as being a confrontational ditty - its original title was 'Hit Me' - Morrison had concerns that by crooning this title at concerts some fans may take things a bit too literally. Therefore, a few tweaks were made to give this number more of a ballad feel and the song we all know was born. Waxing Lyrical "I'm gonna love you/ till the heavens stop the rain/ I'm gonna love you/ till the stars fall from the sky for you and I." The song's chorus is a Sinatra-esque masterclass in delivering swooning lyrics with authority and style.
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