The Doors Top 10 Tracks Of All Time

3. The End On The Record This lengthy masterpiece started life as a short love song about Morrison€™s breakup with a girl. However, in order to bulk out their regular slots at the Whisky a Go Go the then unsigned band started to play around with this track. From this live experimentation, €˜The End€™ grew in size and stature, becoming a downward-spiraling exercise in psychedelic rock and a sublime choice for the closing track on their self-titled debut album. Theatrical when performed live and cinematic in its narrative structure €“ so much so that the song was used by film director Francis Ford Coppola in the closing moments of his Vietnam epic Apocalypse Now €“ €˜The End€™ starts by spinning a tale of loss and despair, before conjuring up nightmarish visions of incest and murder in a mesmerising spoken word segment. Ending on a heady climax of chanting, frantic instrumentals and Morrison€™s almost inaudible whispers, this is the song that cemented the band€™s legend and, poignantly, would be the last song they ever played live. Krieger may have gone on to write some of the band€™s big hits, but €˜The End€™ remains Morrison€™s screaming baby. Waxing Lyrical €œThe killer awoke before dawn, he put his boots on€ As so begins the song's descent into impenetrable darkness.
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