10 Biggest Lies On Online Dating Profiles

To start, let me be upfront with you. Up until this point, I've only had two lasting relationships, one of which I have a dating website to thank for. It regretfully ended, but I got a best friend out of it, as cheesy as that may sound. Simply put, there are worse ways to get out into the dating world. That being said, each of its users is likely to have their own dating website horror story. Mine, for instance, will undoubtedly pop up somewhere in this article. On top of that, the site can easily become an exercise in frustration as I've recently found. Profile after profile, I see girls saying they don't want the usual messages. "You're cute" and the like. They want guys to put more effort in or else they won't respond. In comes me, the rare guy who actually puts a modicum of thought into his messages, and I'm lucky to get a response one of ten times. Admittedly, I realize there are more factors at play than how much time and effort I put in. Even so, it got me thinking about all the things girls on dating websites say that act like smokescreens, trying to hide the underlying truth. That's where this article comes in. Here, I'll list ten of the most common things these girls say and what I take them to mean. Surely, some of you will argue that I'm looking too far into things and not taking these girls on their word. But, if there's anything dating websites has taught me, it's that girls are masters when it comes to misleading you, so sorry if I come across a tad cynical as a result. Now, without further adieu, the first item on the docket.
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