10 Deeply Disturbing Disneyland Urban Legends

3. Suicide Mouse

Suicide mouse

Not a park story per se, but a delightful little creepy tale that shares its genetics with a particularly virulent strand of urban legends made popular in the post-Ring world. This rumours relates to a lost Mickey Mouse cartoon - nothing special in itself, but which comes with a creepy warning.

The cartoon itself is no more than two minutes of Mickey Mouse walking past a repeating background to the sound of white noise, until it cuts to black for four minutes. Nothing supernatural there, but then at the six minute mark, the cartoon is supposed to reappear, but with the soundtrack changed to the distant murmur of voices.

Mickey himself is said to wear an unpleasant smirk, and as he continues to walk, the background distorts and viewing becomes increasingly difficult to the point that the only person who ever watched it all the way through was an employee who swiftly killed himself afterwards. Naturally he left a note describing the final frame in Russian: €œthe sights of hell bring its viewers back in" before he shot himself.

Is There Any Truth In It? Nope, it's another creepypasta, and the one that apparently launched the entire "lost episode" creepypasta sub-culture.

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