10 Most Unnerving Short Horror Stories On The Internet

Who doesn't love a good scary story?


Reader beware, you're in for a scare as the horrors of the Internet are as terrifying as they are infinite.

From Creepypastas and Reddit's No Sleep forum to The SCP Foundation and mysterious websites off the beaten trail there is no shortage of chilling tales lurking on the web. While some are scary because of ghouls and ghosts, others find horror in our everyday fears.

To prevent this list from just being a repeat of many others, some of the big names will be omitted. Stories and legends like 'Slenderman', 'Jeff the Killer', or 'Ben Drowned' have been around for ages and had their time in the spotlight. It's only fair to give some of the lesser know ones time to shine.

The downside of there being so many great horror stories floating around the internet is that it makes it a truly difficult task to pick and choose. The upside however is that any of those choices is bound to send a chill through your spine...


10. Jvk1166z.esp


A list like this has to at least include one video game or lost episode Creepypasta. Unfortunately, those stories tend to be more miss than hit. Trying to find a solid one is like looking for a piece of hay in a stack of needles. 'Jvk1166z.esp' is that piece of hay.

The narrator details his and an acquaintances unsettling experience with a mod for 'The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind' as they encounter every gamer's best dream and worst nightmare.

Anyone who has spent a substantial amount of time playing video games knows how enticing the prospect of a secret is. Whether it be for an easter egg or unlockables, people have relentlessly spent countless hours exploring every little nook and cranny of almost every game you can think of.

'Jvk1166z.esp' explores the concept of what should be a fun quest turning into an unhealthy obsession. An obsession that could possibly have some very real and very dire consequences.

It's a quick read that will make you think twice about installing that cool mod you heard about. Be careful what you click on kids.

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