10 Mysterious Places You Aren’t Allowed To Visit

8. RAF Menwith Hill, United Kingdom

RAF Menwith Hill

From the air, Menwith Hill's facilities look like the world's most boring collection of warehouses or some sort of golfing shrine. Those bulbous structures are in fact radomes, and they allow the place to transmit electromagnetic signals that are said to look after the integrity of intelligence support in the UK and United States.

OK, not a golfing holiday wonderland then.

The intrigue only starts when digging deeper into Menwith's history. Dr. Steve Schofield from the British American Security Information Council claimed the facility was involved in drone attacks that were kept private from the general public. These covert missions are top secret and sinister, in Schofield's opinion.

Naturally, just driving through the gates into North Yorkshire's most curious secret isn't possible. Menwith is out in the middle of nowhere for a reason.

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