10 WWE Stars We Need To See On The Joe Rogan Experience

9. Shawn Michaels

Reigns Rogan

One of the easier in-person guests logistically given the ongoing pandemic and assorted travel restrictions, many would love to see The Heartbreak Kid make the sub-2-hour journey from his base in San Antonio to the JRE studio in nearby Austin. Rogan seems to be still feeling his way into Texas life, with The Undertaker himself making a joking-but-not-joking remark about leaving certain aspects of California life behind in the Golden State.

Michaels was regarded as a particularly wild character even in the PG days of the New Generation, including a fight with Marines, an unsustainable consumption of intoxicants, and a destructive relationship with fellow star Sunny. Given this, he surely has no end of crazy road stories for Joe to lap up (if he can remember any of them).

Despite a career interrupted by injury, Michaels has been associated with so many pivotal moments in WWE history, it’s actually a bit freaky. From the “Curtain Call” at Madison Square Garden, to the Montreal Screwjob, to giving Steve Austin his first heavyweight title win, to the controversial return from retirement in Saudi Arabia, he is one of the figures who has truly shaped modern wrestling, making for a fascinating guest for wrestling fans.


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