7 Horribly Toxic Things In The Ocean That Are Scarier Than Sharks

Damn, ocean, you scary.

Sharks are big, have massive teeth and kill a bunch of people every year. But you know what€™s even scarier? That pretty little sea snail you probably picked up when you were diving in Thailand last summer. No, really €“ that thing will get you good. And if it doesn€™t, you€™ll probably step on what you originally thought was a rock, and lose all feeling in your leg. On your way home from the beach, why not stop for some delicious seafood? Oh wait, that€™s poisonous too. There€™s a surprising amount of horribly poisonous and venomous things in the ocean, each with its own little twist just to make your life a lot worse. From jellyfish that€™ll make you wish you were dead to octopus and fish that will straight out kill you, 7 of the most horrible ones are listed here. That€™s not saying this is it, because there are far more €“ but if given a choice these are probably the ones you want to avoid the most. So put on double layers of wetsuits and dive in, and try not to get stung in the process. Or maybe just stay out of the water completely and go for a dip in the pool, that€™s probably safer.

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