8 Ground-Breaking Discoveries You Didn't Know Were Made By Women

Nuclear fission is the real "Girl Power".

In general, the world of science tends to feel a bit... male. For a long time, women were not encouraged to study scientific subjects, as it was thought that their minds wouldn't be able to handle it. Better to just stick to crochet. However, despite the fact that women are supposed to spend most of their time knitting cakes and icing babies, some managed to claw their way up the academic ranks and there are plenty of major discoveries throughout history that have been made by those of a female persuasion. But if this is the case, then why haven't we heard about them? Oftentimes, the people who got the recognition for the big discoveries were the dudes, even if a woman had managed to battle her way into a lab. This was possibly due to the assumption that women weren't capable of their achievements, so they were overlooked, and perhaps a bit of glory-stealing (either intentionally or not). Luckily, our slightly more enlightened times have begun to shine a light on the forgotten lady-scientists of history and giving them the recognition they deserve.

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