Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making Of Harry Potter Announce A Celebration Of Slytherin

Are you cunning enough to celebrate Slytherins in 2020.

Warner Bros.

It's going to be all about Slytherin Pride in 2020 at Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter.

The World famous tour has announced that between 3rd April and 6th September, Hogwart's most ambitious students will take centre stage. A Celebration Of Slytherin will showcase some of the secrets behind the house that has produced more dark wizards than any other.

Guests will see some of the props and costumes that helped bring life to the Slytherin house. If you are heading to Warner Bros. Studio Tour London you can expect to see the Great Hall coved in green and silver to celebrate a Slytherin victory in the House Cup. After all, it wouldn't be a celebration without a feast.


A Celebration Of Slytherin isn't the only thing that you can experience at The Making of Harry Potter next year. Warner Bros. Studio Tour London have announced a full schedule of events for 2020.

Warner Bros Studio Tour Harry Potter
Warner Bros.

For 10 days in February, Introducing the Art Department sees the return of the original filmmakers to give guests a close up on some of the real props including "wands, copies of The Daily Prophet and Hogwarts acceptance letters".


It seems only fitting that the Dark Arts will be showcased over Halloween. Between 25th September and 8th November 2020 you'll able to catch live duels, a "spookier" Diagon Alley and see the Great Hall decorated with 100 floating pumpkins.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter have also confirmed that Hogwarts in the Snow will return in 2020. Running between 14th November and 17th January 2021, you can see the castle transformed for the Christmas season. The Gryffindor Common Room will be getting a makeover, the huge Hogwarts model will be getting a dusting of snow and the Great Hall will be transformed for the Yule Ball. There's even a chance to touch the different types of "snow" used in production, each chosen for its ability to do either glisten, crunch or float.


Tickets for the Studio Tour must be pre-booked at or by calling the attraction’s Visitor Services Team on 0345 084 0900. All extra activities are included in the ticket price.

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