10 Footballing Scandals That Shocked The World

10. German Match Fixing - 2005

2005 saw German football come firmly under the microscope thanks to referee Robert Hoyzer.

Hoyzer was at the very centre of a scandal surrounding the fixing of games in the Bundesliga 2 and German Cup competition, with the most high profile of these coming in a 4-2 loss for European giants, Hamburg.

Hoyzer awarded two controversial penalties against HSV during their cup game against Paderborn, while he also sent off striker Emile Mpenza for protesting said bad decisions.

The controversial referee was essentially outed by some of his fellow refs, who reported him to authorities after becoming increasingly suspicious of his decisions and behaviours during games.

In fairness to Hoyzer, he did come clean once he was apprehended and aided an investigation which eventually led to the demise of a Croatian gambling ring which had been meeting with, and subsequently using him to carry out their wishes.

It wasn't all rosy for Hoyzer though, who was still sentenced to over two years in prison.

The scandal brought further unwanted questions to the table for the country as a whole, just a year shy of them hosting the 2006 World Cup.

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