10 Footballing Scandals That Shocked The World

8. Ron Atkinson's Racism

After having a successful career in management with the likes of Sheffield Wednesday, Manchester United, and Aston Villa, things came crashing down in spectacular fashion for Ron Atkinson back in 2004.

Thinking the microphone was switched off while working for ITV in a commentary role, Atkinson inexplicably referred to Chelsea defender Marcel Desailly as something this writer does not want to repeat. Put bluntly, it was disgraceful and uncalled for, a racist remark for which there was no excuse.

Atkinson was subsequently sacked from the broadcaster thanks to his remarks and also saw his regular contributions to the Guardian newspaper cancelled as a result.

A one-time managerial legend who was lauded for his achievements, Atkinson has struggled to get back into football with any really credible news outlets.

Further controversies on the subject have also followed him, with Atkinson making other racist remarks at different times following the event regarding Desailly,.

Whilst taking part in Celebrity Big Brother, Atkinson passed comment on fellow contestant Danielle Marr, making reference to her potentially carrying a bomb when she put on what appeared to be a headscarf.

It's safe to assume that Mr Atkinson could probably do with some education on the subject and keeping off TV screens for a good while yet.

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