10 Massive Positives For Burnley This Season

10. The Premier League Money

A lot of money, millions in fact has already been spent but it has come from a pot that over the next five seasons will bring in over £120million, plus normal annual trading and commercial income, which is usually around the £10million or £11million mark. The money that comes from just one season in the Premier League - and then assuming that relegation is immediate, the four seasons of parachute payments - gives this small club a substantial cushion. To be frank, nobody ever expected there to be a promotion season in the first place. Sean Dyche might, with his endless positivity, have argued that anything is possible, that the aim is always there; but I suspect that at the beginning of the season he could never have imagined that by the end, there would be an automatic promotion place. You can reasonably argue then that the money Burnley will earn is just a huge bonus, a gift from the football Gods. It has enabled so many improvements and has provided a financial base that gives security and stability. The Burnley Co-chairmen and directors are prudent and responsible. One thing they did was to organise the €˜ground-buy-back€™ scheme so that once again the club owns the stadium.

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