10 Reasons Why Man City Fans Are Jealous Of Man United

This town ain't big enough for the both of us...

File photo dated 12/02/2011 of Manchester United's Wayne Rooney (centre) scoring their second goal from inside the penalty area from an overhead kick.
Martin Rickett/PA Archive

When Manchester City unveiled the huge billboard of Carlos Tevez in their sky blue kit, Manchester United fans probably couldn't help themselves but laugh. They had just won an 18th league title equalling bitter rivals Liverpool's record and reached the Champions League Final for a second season in a row. Here was a player whose contract had ran out and for some reason or another Sir Alex Ferguson didn't want to keep. 

Manchester City had thrown a load of money at a sulky striker (£150,000 a week as per The Independent) and he became the first player to make the switch across town since Terry Cooke in 1999. And how City made the most of it, attempting to rub salt in the somewhat small United wound. Finally there was a chance to get one over the biggest team in Manchester, a chance to paint a few bricks of the gigantic red wall surrounding Manchester sky blue. 

They were never going to miss an opportunity like that; for so long Manchester City have stood in Manchester United's shadow. 

The green eyed monster hangs around City fans like a bad smell, and despite their recent success its debatable whether they will ever reach the levels of global domination United continue to hit. It's no wonder they are so jealous...

10. The History


A big part of Manchester United's appeal is the rich history the club is steeped in. From the Busby babes to Fergie's fledglings, United can look back on many great sides that have tasted success over the years. 

The Red Devils have a reputation for never giving up, stemming from the way Sir Matt Busby and the team clawed their way back to win the European Cup 10 years after the Munich air disaster. The biggest tragedy in the club's history took the lives of 8 players who looked set to dominate world football for years to come. But United refused to give up, and that never say die attitude resonates around Old Trafford today. 

When Sir Matt retired in 1969, he did so as the greatest to ever manage United. That was of course until a certain Alex Ferguson came along. 

They continue to write their own history and the last few decades could almost have been scripted by fans. Manchester City tasted what this is like for the briefest of moments as 'AGUEROOOOOO!' arguably provided the most dramatic end to a Premier League season ever. Despite this, I'm sure City fans would agree they have been utterly starved of historic moments on and off the pitch when compared to their biggest rivals. 


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