Premier League: 12 Candidates For Player Of The Season So Far

Disappointing Performances This Season, its not all been doom and gloom for footy fans. This season supporters have also been treated to some outstanding solo displays from all over the country. Particular individuals have ignited fireworks in the league this season with their dazzling skill, manifested through either attacking or defensive talents. With the current campaign coming to a thrilling conclusion and with only 12 games left to play for each club, it seems like a suitable time to assess who the potential Players of the Season have been thus far. As you'd imagine, a fair number of contenders in this list belong to clubs who reside among the elite of the top 4 and in fact, every one of the 12 players emanates from the top half of the table. I understand that compiling one of these lists is never an easy feat, however I feel that the players that are present in this list, have been a cut above the rest in terms of their talismanic performances for their respective clubs. Also, in this list I have ensured representatives from attackers, midfielders and defenders alike, in the hope that one specific position is not too over embodied. Please don't take my opinions as statutory law and feel free to comment and post your own candidates for player of the season so far.

12. Jack Wilshere (Arsenal)

jack wilshere For the majority of the early season, Jack Wilshere was absent thanks to a foot injury and in fact he didn't fully reappear to the league until early November, so you could argue that he should not be eligible for this list. However, such is the talent and class of Wilshere that since his long anticipated return, he has made a monumental impact in the Arsenal set-up and across the league, earning him in my opinion a much merited position on this list. He is now widely considered as the créme-de-la-créme of English talent and as a regular first teamer in the England side at the tender age of 21, it is clear that he still has the best of his career to look forward to. Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, recently defined the talented youngster as having "the technique of a Spaniard, but an English heart." Clearly Wenger, amongst many others believes that Wilshere's game comprises of "the best of both worlds" so to speak and should he remain injury free in the upcoming seasons, perhaps the privileged title of England captain may not be too far over the horizon for the young prodigy.


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