The Rock Gave Every Super Bowl LIV Player A Special Gift

Now even the NFL's finest know why he's called 'The Great One'...


The Rock's social media channels are a constant source of inspiration and humour. They're also a fine way for big Dwayne Johnson to tout his business ventures.

Via his Instagram page, Hollywood's leading man revealed that he had some special gifts for every single player who played a snap at Super Bowl LIV in Miami. Rocky delivered a bottle of his new tequila to every Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers squad member who appeared in the game.

What a guy.

Elaborating on the gesture, The Rock said that he wasn't lucky enough to make it in the NFL himself back in the 1990s, but that he wanted to raise a glass to their efforts at Hard Rock Stadium.

Johnson was in attendance at the Super Bowl, and his new Teremana tequila featured in one of the pricy mid-game commercials. The Chiefs ran out 31-20 winners over the 49ers thanks to QB Patrick Mahomes skills in a memorable fourth quarter, but now both teams can enjoy a little beverage courtesy of 'The Great One'.

Teremana tequila is set to officially launch later this year.

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