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BBC Drama "Good Cop" Postponed In Wake Of Shootings

The BBC postpones Drama "Good Cop" in wake of tragic police deaths in Greater Manchester.
By Joseph Dempsey

Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock Review [PS3/PSN]

Play as The Doctor and River Song in this puzzle based action game on PSN.
By Marcus Doidge

William Shatner To Host Have I Got News For You

"English sense of humour is different from American sense of humour. Luckily, I'm Canadian."
By Amarpal Biring

GAME Officially Saved By OpCapita

Yesterday, BBC news reported that OpCapita officially bought the retail chain, GAME.
By Michael Shelton

Shooting Stars: 12 Funniest Moments

With the news of the surreal quiz being cancelled by the BBC, we take a look back at some of…
By Stephen Leigh

Rugby Union: Ball In Touch

Starting today is WhatCulture’s first regular rugby column by our rugby correspondent, Jeff…
By Jeff Ball

Major DOCTOR WHO Season 7 Scheduling Change

Season 7 of Doctor Who will not premiere during the established easter time slot in 2012.…
By Jamie Slough

SPOOKS The Final Season Preview & Trailer

It’s been almost ten years since Spooks first teased audiences with the promise of "MI5 not 9…
By Fay Brennan

New SHERLOCK HOLMES U.S. TV Show In The Works!

It’s been announced that the US television network CBS has bought the rights to develop a…
By Tom Ryan

Why We Should Tune Into BBC's THE VOICE Coming 2012

Hit American 'X-Factor with a twist' show (such as blind auditions!!) is coming to these shores…
By Fay Brennan