Doctor Who: 5 Worst Companion Exits

Nothing will be the same again after the departures of Amy and Rory in €œThe Angels Take Manhattan€. Until Christmas, of course, when the Doctor gets a new companion. Arrivals and departures are a major part of life, airports and €œDoctor Who€. The good Doctor has seen his share of friends leaving the TARDIS, some out of their own choice, and yes, some for reasons far more sinister. But not all exits from the show are heartbreaking or, heck, even very interesting. Here's a look at some of the strangest and most inexplicable adieus:

5. Adric

One of the most famous, tragic and yet welcome (to many) exits from the TARDIS. You see, Adric was a boy genius. What's that, ST:TNG fans? You understand immediately? I knew you would. Coming on board during the final days of Tom Baker's tenure was difficult enough for Matthew Waterhouse; being one of three companions for the fifth Doctor when Peter Davision arrived was even harder, as poor Adric often couldn't seem to find his place in a given episode. Finally, in €œEarthshock€, he found his place: on a freighter bound towards prehistoric Earth. Our pal Adric crashed it into the planet, causing the extinction of the dinosaurs, and himself. And you thought Deanna Troi was a bad pilot. Still, the freeze frame during the final credits of Adrics beloved badge floating in pieces in space was a chilling reminder that not everyone lives...

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