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Only Fools And Horses US Remake Cast Revealed

John Leguizamo as Del Boy, Dustin Ybarra as Rodney and rather ingeniously Christopher Lloyd as Grandad!…
By David Pustansky

Piranha 3DD Trailer Hits - Double The Gore, Tits & Silliness

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water... or even the bathtub.
By Matt Holmes

Back to the Future To Get The Musical Treatment On Broadway

By Chris Wright

Origins of Doc & Marty’s Relationship In BACK TO THE FUTURE Finally Revealed

For the past 26 years many film fans have wanted to know how did Doc Brown and Marty McFly meet and become friends prior to the beginning of Back To The Future, and now we know....…
By Chris Wright

52 Reasons Why Back To The Future Might Just be the Greatest Film of all Time

Power up the DeLorean, turn the time circuits on and get the flux capacitor!
By Gareth Bunkham

Ving Rhames, Christopher Lloyd & Paul Scheer Return For PIRANHA 3DD

By Matt Holmes


By Shaun Munro

Forrest Gump, Marty McFly & Doc Brown in A Christmas Carol?

By Matt Holmes