Garth Ennis

The Punisher: 7 Essential Stories You Must Read

The most brutal stories ever told...
By Neil Thomason

10 Things You Need To Know About Preacher

Praise the Lord, Preacher is finally being adapted.
By Nicholas Staniforth

Garth Ennis Returning To The Punisher In 2014

By Noel Thorne

Darick Robertson working on The Boys prequel

Details have emerged on a prequel miniseries to be written and drawn by Transmetropolitan artist and The Boys co-creator Darick Robertson…
By guest writer

The Boys Movie No Longer In Development At Columbia

Meanwhile director Adam McKay still hopes to get adaptation of Garth Ennis' violent and edgy comic book setup at another studio. …
By guest writer

Garth Ennis To Pen Childrens Book ERF

The Boys writer to team with Flanimals illustrator on a self-funded kids project.
By guest writer

Top 5 Garth Ennis Comics

It’s an impossible task to pick 5, and I defy any Ennis fan to manage it, but you’ve got to draw the line somewhere so here goes……
By A.W. Wilson

Hidden Gems of Comics: Garth Ennis' The Punisher BORN

In this classic story Ennis suggests that Frank Castle's never-ending fight against criminals is because he is in love with war. …
By guest writer

Hidden Gems of Comics: Garth Ennis' HITMAN

Gotham City. Pretty much everyone knows the score: The most corrupt city in the DC universe. A crime boss on every corner. A crazed super villain in every alley. One lone crusader, The Batman, trying to make it a better place. But not every knows that the people of Gotham have another hero, one who also targets the corrupt...…
By guest writer

THE DARKNESS Movie Is First Big Screen Comic Con Announcement!

Walt Disney-affiliated Mandeville Films looking to adapt the Top Cow comic book into a live-action feature film!…
By Matt Holmes