Garth Ennis Returning To The Punisher In 2014

"I will be starting work on another 'Punisher' miniseries quite soon, that'll probably come out sometime next year. That's at the very early stages."
Ennis is widely considered to be the definitive writer for the character of Frank Castle, the Punisher. After his first Punisher one-shot, Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe in 1995, Ennis picked up the character again in 2000 with Preacher artist Steve Dillon in the Marvel Knights maxiseries, Welcome Back, Frank. Ennis went on to write Punisher books for much of the '00s including 2003's Punisher: Born with Darick Robertson which posits that the Punisher was born on the battlefields of Vietnam instead of on the day his family was murdered by the mob, and the critically acclaimed Punisher MAX series which ran to 10 volumes. Ennis last wrote a Punisher comic in 2009 with frequent collaborator Steve Dillon in The Punisher: War Zone €“ The Resurrection of Ma Gnucci, but has written for Marvel on other titles since then, most recently completing his Fury MAX series in June which explored SHIELD Director Nick Fury's secret ops for the US Government in his younger days. Ennis' Punisher MAX series ended in 2008 and was soon picked up by Jason Aaron who, with Steve Dillon drawing, produced a superb four-volume series that ended with Frank's death. For that reason alone it's unlikely Ennis will resurrect the MAX series but instead write a Punisher book that's toned down on colourful language, gore, and other adult themes. This is good news for fans of both Frank Castle and Garth Ennis as the two combined always make for excellent comics. Roll on 2014!
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