Garth Ennis To Pen Childrens Book ERF

The Boys writer to team with Flanimals illustrator on a self-funded kids project.

Seeing as he is best know for writing ultra violent and definitely not for young readers books, such as Preacher and The Boys, it is surprising to hear the name Garth Ennis and children's book in the same sentence. But you will hear those two words together more and more, as the Belfast born writer gets ready to release his newest book: ERF. As reported by Comic Book Resources, the book is being self funded by Ennis and illustrator Rob Steen through popular web portal Kickstarter. Steen is best known for his work on Ricky Gervais' award winning picture book, Flanimals. A publicity blurb for the pairs book reads as follows: "ERF is the story of four friends at the dawn of time; Figwillop, KWAAAH!, the Booper, and Erf himself, and their adventures in the primordial world of long ago. The four take their first nervous steps out of the ocean and onto the shore, and are soon exploring the exciting new lands beyond. But danger lurks in the prehistoric jungle, and soon our heroes come face to face with the mighty and terrifying Colossux . . . An evolutionary tale of love and loyalty for children aged four and up." The creators are hoping to raise $12,000 to print up to two thousand copies of the book. There are several incentives in place for potential backers, from a credit in the text to having themselves drawn into the story. The funding run ends on March 18th, and has raised almost $800 so far.
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