10 Alternative Breaking Bad Spin-Offs To Better Call Saul

10. Mike Ehrmantraut's Career As A Cop And Criminal

Across a plethora of wildly colorful characters, Mike Ehrmantraut on first glance appears to be a forgettable addition to the Breaking Bad cast, with his tired shuffle, bored mumble and apathetic, weary demeanor. The more screen time he receives however, reveals how unique a character he truly is. The world-wisely intelligence and stoic front that Jonathan Banks gives to the character is curiously reminiscent of Marlon Brando's Godfather in some ways. Although his rank is nowhere near the staggering heights of the infamous Italian-American kingpin, Mike has an undeniable aura about him. His dull, lazy features wickedly conceal his sharp criminal mind, and despite looking as though he might own a free bus pass, he routinely disposes of countless henchmen during the series with apparent ease. But where on earth did he come from? His great speech to Walter about choosing a "half-measure" in Season 3 reveals he was a beat cop back in the day, but a lot must have happened both before and after that period to turn Mike into the cold-eyed, growling professional criminal that he is by the time we're introduced to him when he sweeps Jesse's house. Being intimately connected with Saul Goodman, Mike is one of the few Breaking Bad characters who has found his way into the Better Call Saul spin-off. It looks like we might get to see some of Mike's background after all. The more, the better.

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