10 Alternative Breaking Bad Spin-Offs To Better Call Saul

9. Gustavo Fring's Early Days

Hiding in plain sight behind the sickly smile and attire of a fast food manager, Gus Fring remains one of the most richly-drawn antagonists in the history of small screen drama. Deferential and charismatic on the surface but frighteningly cold-blooded behind closed doors, Fring only makes it as far as Season Four of Breaking Bad, yet remains one of the most interesting characters to have existed throughout the show. A lot of history clearly exists behind this man, and we're given a quick peep into Fring's early venture into big-time criminal activity in the episode "Hermanos", where he's shown pitching his product with business associate Max Arciniega to Colombian kingpin Don Eladio in 1989. Max is swiftly killed, but Gus is kept alive, and Don Eladio's ambiguous, sweeping declaration about knowing the reality behind who Gus truly is only creates more questions. The more we see of Gus, the less we realise we know about him. There are so many potential avenues to pursue with the character of Gustavo Fring: his mysterious past in Chile; his decision to go into business with Madrigal Electromotive; his surreptitious rise to criminal overlord. A show examining any one of those time periods would be intriguing. A show depicting all of them would be spectacular.

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