10 Alternative Breaking Bad Spin-Offs To Better Call Saul

8. Badger & Skinny Pete's Street Dealing

Better Call Saul is being touted as having more of a comedic vibe to it than the series that inspired it, and if Vince Gilligan had opted to veer off in the direction of drug runners Badger and Skinny Pete after Breaking Bad, the result might have been something more along the lines of comedy. Perhaps a funnier, darker and twisted version of Jay & Silent Bob? With crystal meth having burned away many of their brain cells by the end of Breaking Bad's original run, Badger & Skinny Pete were responsible for some of the show's most amusing moments - ranging from from their outrageous meth-induced conversations about television, to their stunningly ignorant remarks and ideas about the drug trade. Somewhat surprisingly, both Badger & Skinny Pete make it out alive, and it'd be interesting to see what might have happened to them after they finished their final assignment for Heisenberg. Chances are they'd probably go back to "slinging glass", but it might be fun to watch them take a note from Heseinberg's book and try to create a little drug empire of their own.

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