10 American Horror Story Fates Worse Than Death

Following on from Glee, Ryan Murphy's anthology series has been shocking people for years!

American Horror Story Murder House

American Horror Story has been terrifying audiences for nine seasons now, displaying a variety of different scary stories. Haunted Houses to Witch Covens, evil Asylums to twisted Hotels and an Apocalypse to boot, there have been plenty of horrible fates for these poor characters who are condemned to doom inside Ryan Murphy's warped mind.

Not every season has managed to hit the same highs as some of those that have gone before. Some setpieces may stand out, while the rest of the series may pale in comparison (looking at you, Hotel), but one thing that every single season has in common is the horrible pain that some of the characters are forced to ensure, all for the audiences' twisted pleasure.

It goes without saying that, in discussing awful fates, this list will be full of spoilers and also will be exactly what is to be expected from a list about American Horror Story - plenty of blood, guts and chills, with the odd, odd censorship levels on that Fox places on this series.

If you are a squeamish reader, perhaps sit this one out!

10. Being Stuck Inside A Corpse

American Horror Story Murder House

Everyone with that certain piece of anatomy can wince collectively while thinking of this one.

The Ten Commandments Killer is one of the shadowy antagonists of American Horror Story: Hotel. In the very first episode of the season, the police find a grizzly tableau left for them to find. A couple has been skewered to their bed and the woman has been killed. The man, however, has been pumped full of Viagra - and he has been stuck inside of the corpse.

It is enough to make every person with a penis uncomfortably cross their legs, with the terrible implication being that, even if he is freed from her body...what will be left?

No thank you.


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