10 Best Final Seasons In TV History

Not every show can nail its swansong, but some go above and beyond to give a fitting send-off...


It's really not an easy thing to make a TV show successful. There are so many factors that go into making a great hit on-screen, and even when showrunners do get it right, keeping the quality consistent year in year out can be a major challenge. When it comes to ending a show in particular, getting it right is key to how it will be remembered in years to come.

Not every big show can do it for a number of reasons. Producers run out of ideas and a show fizzles out over time, studio interference can lead to some unpopular decisions, and some final seasons just aren't given the time or budget they likely deserve. Game Of Thrones for example, could have had a much stronger final season with a longer-episode run, which would have fleshed out some of the big twists and u-turns some fans have criticised for coming out of nowhere.

On the other hand, some shows really do save the best for last and you can tell when the creators have poured their heart and soul into a strong ending. These are the shows that put everything into finishing their stories on a high note, with their final seasons raising the stakes, offering fitting arcs for the characters and giving the fans the pay-off they wanted...

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