10 Best League Of Gentlemen Characters

2. The Dentons

Staying with relatives you hardly know can be a an awkward endeavour - small talk can be stagnant and adapting to house rules can lead to embarrassing trysts. But for Benjamin Denton, being a guest for aunt Val and uncle Harvey was the holiday from hell as his lodgings under their roof made to be some of the most bizarre circumstances in The League Of Gentlemen.

Where to begin with The Denton family? Between them both, the Dentons put Benjamin through the ringer multiple times with their invasive and controlling obsession with cleaning, and all things toad-related.

As polite as Benjamin was with his aunt and uncle, his patience was tested to great lengths as his uncle got very close and personal with conversations of openly masturbating in the living room, drinking urine for sustenance, parading round their home naked and eventually imprisoning him as the son they never had.

As far as antagonists go within the series, the Dentons were pretty raw with their deceiving and manipulative deeds. But what really made them memorable, was just how far Pemberton and Gatiss (especially Pemberton) went into making them the most uncomfortably hilarious odd-couple you'd do anything to get away from.

And let's not even start on their sociopathic Shining-esque twin daughters.


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