10 Best Star Trek Fight Scenes

Starfleet's mission may be one of peace, but it's not afraid to get its hands dirty.

Star Trek Seven of Nine

Fight! Fight! Fight!

These may not generally be the words that you expect when you hit play on an episode of Star Trek, but then again, after nearly sixty years on the air, who doesn't need to let off a little steam from time to time? Maybe the captain has ordered the engineer to push the engines just one 'givin' her all she's got' too far.

There are legendary fights and there are less than inspiring scraps, but there are so many that sit somewhere in the middle as well. For every incredible display of Klingon prowess, someone is sitting there, ready and waiting to sock someone with an open palm punch. Looking for a flying kick? Star Trek's got you. Looking for a closed double-fisted slam to the back? You better believe Star Trek's got you.

If the first duty of every Starfleet officer is to the truth, then the second duty should be showing these fools why they're truly about to realise what a mistake they've made by challenging the Federation in combat.

Grab your popcorn, get your voice prepped to scream TSUNKATSE for all to hear, and let's begin with ROUND ONE

10. Seven Of Nine Vs The Pendari Champion - Tsunkatse

Star Trek Seven of Nine

In what feels like a crossover with WhatCulture Wrestling, worlds collide in the sixth season episode of Star Trek: Voyager, Tsunkatse. A young Dwayne Johnson makes a guest appearance as the Pendari Champion - a race famed for their strength and ill-temper - who is joined in the wrestling ring by Seven of Nine.

The fight is well choreographed and includes the standard banter, with a Star Trek twist. The Pendari says Seven is no bigger than a Tarkanian Field Mouse, while she quips back that resistance is futile. To be fair, for a couple of minutes, she does look like she's going to prove that to be true.

Featuring many of The Rock's signature moves, the fight is brutal and fast, featuring flying kicks, clotheslines, and savage punches to the face, back, and abdomens. When Seven is finally brought down by the other fighter, you really do feel the impact of the former drone against the ground.

There may have been some element of cross-promotion going on in this episode, but it still delivers an extremely well-executed fight, something which is worlds apart from the Star Trek of days gone by.

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