10 Best TV Christmas Specials To Watch On Netflix

These TV Christmas specials should (Yule) tide you over this festive season.

Brooklyn Nine Nine Charles Boyle Yippie Kayak

I get it. It's dangerously close to Christmas Day, you've forgotten to pace yourself when it comes to Christmas films and you've already blown through the classics and are ready to start yet another debate with your family as to whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas film (it is, and so is Lethal Weapon, by the way). Therefore, allow me to act as a peace maker during this festive time and offer a Yule tide alternative. But first, answer me these questions three:

1) Do you want to see a naked Danny DeVito crawl out of a couch?

2) Do you want a Christmas special that will leave you with a powerful sense of dread?

3) Do you want a nondenominational Christmas musical special?

If you answered "yes" to at least one of these (it was the DeVito one, wasn't it?) then this list of the ten greatest Christmas TV specials is the place for you.

So if you are sick of watching the same Christmas movies over and over again, if you have had enough of the painfully predictable Hallmark films, or if you are done with watching yet another remake of A Christmas Carol (if it doesn't have Muppets in, don't bother watching it), then why not hop on over to Netflix and take in some of the greatest TV Christmas specials ever made?

10. Doctor Who - The Christmas Invasion

Brooklyn Nine Nine Charles Boyle Yippie Kayak

Allow me to be the Ghost of Christmas Past and whisk you away to December 25, 2005.

T'was the year of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith, the Xbox 360 was released by Microsoft, and Doctor Who fans nationwide were anxious to see how David Tennant could possibly step into Christopher Eccleston's shoes as the new Doctor. Needless to say, despite being in a coma for half the episode, Tennant went on to blow everyone's Christmas socks off in one of the greatest Christmas specials ever.

The plot: After a problem with his regeneration, the Doctor worries that the energy he has given off is luring an enemy to him and subsequently slips into a coma. Sure enough, the Mars space probe picks up signs of an alien ship belonging to the Sycorax who threaten to wipe out a third of the planet's population unless they surrender.

Why it's awesome: David Tennant's introduction is fantastic. He manages to show us that he would be fun, witty, charming but also have a darker side to him than first meets the eye. Also, he has a sword fight with an alien in his pajamas. Delightful.


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