10 Biggest Behind The Scenes Star Trek Mistakes That Ever Happened

4. All These Years Later, And It Is Still Hard To Have A Little Faith Of The Heart

There's not a lot to say that hasn't already been said about this entry. Each Star Trek series has their own set of, usually, wonderful opening credits. The Original Series theme is iconic and the Star Trek march that Jerry Goldsmith composed worked wonderfully for The Next Generation.

Dennis McCarthy's lonely dirge for Deep Space Nine was an Emmy winning tune, while returning Jerry Goldsmith composed what is potentially the most beautiful of them all with the Voyager theme.

Flash forward and Jeff Russo's themes for both Discovery and Picard follow the traditional orchestral molds, while Lower Decks employs some of the same retro music that accompanied the original Animated Series.

And then there's Enterprise.

Faith of the Heart, while enjoying something of a renaissance now, was still a shockingly poor choice regardless. The score composition 'Archer's Theme' was the easy, correct choice for the opening credits - but instead they went with this.

And it was the first show to be cancelled since the '60s.

Just saying....

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