10 Biggest Star Trek Plot Holes

9. Starfleet Education Is Either Really Fast, Or Really Bad

Star Trek Plot Holes

In the Original Series episode The Changeling, a probe named Nomad comes aboard the USS Enterprise. It was launched from Earth, but along the way it achieved sentience and set out to join with its creator. It also then zapped away several Klingon Battlecruisers, Epilson IX station and Lt. Ilia....wait, wrong story.

While The Changeling was a template for Star Trek: The Motion Picture, it did have some significant differences. One difference is the death of Scotty. Nomad kills him, though thankfully brings him back to life with ease. Another difference is that instead of absorbing Uhura in the way that V'Ger absorbs Ilia, Nomad wipes her memories completely.

This should have been a devastating and career ending fate for the unlucky Lt. She is left at the end of the episode in a position where she will have to relearn everything that she has lost. That includes all of the formative lessons she learned as a child, along with language skills, motor skills, and her complete education from start to finish aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand she's fine. McCoy and Chapel simply re-educate her with the computer. There is a good inclusion though, thanks to Nichelle Nichols, of Uhura speaking Swahili, as this had been established as her first language.

While Star Trek The Original Series was not serialised in the way that latter incarnations would be, it is still something that bore mentioning going forward, surely? How did she get back to the person that she was before? How did she learn to deal with this violation? It was, unfortunately, a bit of a hole that was never truly plugged.


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