10 Biggest WTF Doctor Who Moments

Seriously - what on Gallifrey is going on here?

Doctor Who Pond Life Ood on the Loo
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Doctor Who is, by its very nature, a weird show. A face-changing alien flying through space in a phone box? That's weird!

The show has given its fans plenty of nutty moments over the years, for better or for worse. But which ones stand out as the strangest of the strange?

Well, as always, we've got a few opinions.

This being Doctor Who, there's so much WTF to choose from, so whittling things down was a mammoth task. But these particular moments stand head and shoulders above the rest, and the surreal nature of these scenes took viewers (and, in many cases, the characters involved) totally by surprise when they first saw them.

Whether they were completely unexpected, out of character, or just straight-up wacky, nobody saw any of these things coming, and honestly, we're still reeling from them to this very day...

10. Rory Punches Hitler (Let’s Kill Hitler)

Doctor Who Pond Life Ood on the Loo
BBC Studios

You know it's going to be a crazy list when Let's Kill Hitler is only at number ten.

After the blockbuster revelation that River Song was Amy and Rory's daughter, the sixth series of NuWho returned (after an agonizing three-month wait) with this absolutely wild trip back to 1938.

During a convoluted series of events involving their friend Mel regenerating into their brainwashed assassin daughter, the Ponds come face-to-face with one of history's biggest monsters when the TARDIS crashes into his office in Berlin.

A short while later, Rory - who was developing into more of an action hero throughout Series 6 - ends up socking the dictator right in the mush after he begins firing a gun.

And thus, one of the most GIF-able moments in Doctor Who history was born.

A teatime adventure show including Adolf Hitler at all is pretty bold, but going as far as to show him onscreen with a weapon and then having one of the main characters knock him out? That's a whole other level of bonkers, and we're totally here for it.

Oh, and bonus points for the subsequent "Shut up Hitler!" and Rory locking him in the cupboard. Chef's kiss.

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