10 Brutal TV Moments You Won't Believe Were Allowed To Air

7. The Sopranos - The Curb Stomp

The Sopranos

To harass a mob boss' daughter, you'd have to have a death wish.

Upon discovering that Coco Cogliano was a disrespectful creep to Meadow, Tony takes matters into his own hands with the series' most heavy-handed beatdown. Pistol-whipping Coco into next week, the enraged Tony caps everything off with a curb stomp that sends teeth flying everywhere. It's all but impossible to feel sorry for Coco here but the severity of his assault remains one of the show's most bloodthirsty moments.

Out of control, Tony's attack ramped up the tension between the New York and New Jersey crime families as the series moved into its endgame. James Gandolfini shows pitch perfect ferocity here, giving Tony an even more fearsome presence than usual.

It's likely this event would've gone down in legend amongst the series' mobster circles. Tony walks right into the heart of Little Italy and does his business in front of Butchie, a high-ranking New Yorker, during lunch hour. It's a wild moment that reminds us just how vicious these guys can get when pushed.

To top it all off, he later discovers some of Coco's teeth lodged in his trousers during a therapy session. Good luck washing those out.

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