10 Changes The Simpsons Hoped You Wouldn’t Notice

Ever noticed how Homer, Marge and the rest of Springfield look WAY less expressive in newer eps?

The Simpsons Changes
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The Simpsons debuted in 1989 and from then until now, it has continued to go on and on, through not only writing crew changes, but cast and even network changes as well.

Along the way, things have changed on the beloved sitcom. Voices are a frequent change, with the nature of voice acting being what it is. The animation style has also evolved from the first season up to now, which the cartoon series' aesthetic receiving a hefty but divisive dose of polish in the last decade.

There are also subtle changes that have been made, based on behind the scenes decisions that may not have been highlighted.

From hanging a lampshade on some of the long-running family comedy's more bizarre decisions, to complete retcons of established stories, The Simpsons has flip-flopped more times than Zoidberg's broken slinky in Futurama.

10. Carl's Voice Changes Over The Years

In season two, a small error takes place. After an embarrassing event at a waterpark, in which Homer gets himself wedged inside of a waterslide, he vows to go on a diet and lose weight. This leads to his discovery of Marge's painting skills in A Brush With Greatness. However, it also causes havoc for the donut delivery man.

When he wheels his cart into the plant's rec room, he asks about Homer, noting that the doughnuts are starting to pile up. He is told that Homer is on a diet (causing him to panic!). However, who tells him this is where the confusion lies.

Carl Carlson is standing in the room stirring his coffee, and he answers the delivery man...in Lenny's voice!

In the early days of the Simpsons, the extras and additional characters were not nearly so defined as they are now. Voices tended to swap out a little bit, although this particular incident stands out from the bunch as Lenny and Carl are always shown together in most scenes, so retroactively, it is jarring to hear the wrong voice coming out!

It was changed going forward after this though, with Hank Azaria taking on the role for the rest of the show's run, until Alex Désert took over from him in 2020.

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