10 Classic TV Shows That Sold Out With Awful Gimmick Episodes

9. Roseanne

roseanne lotteryEpisode: "Call Waiting" And The Remainder Of Season 9. In the final season of this classic sitcom, Roseanne pulls out all the stops and presents us with a version of the show that takes away everything we've grown to like about it. The cast is no longer blue-collar and struggling with money issues as Roseanne has won the lottery and is now a wealthy socialite. Dan Conner has left Roseanne and is no longer in the cast, and the day-to-day mundanity of the Conner household is replaced by shopping montages, action movie spoofs and bizarre character reversals, like making Roseannne's mother a lesbian for no apparent reason other than to confound expectations. The series finale reveals the whole final season to be nothing more than a novel written by Roseanne after Dan dies of a heart attack, which, for the few still watching at this point, was the final nail in the coffin of a once great show.

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